Training in Cambodia on Conservation Agriculture, 28-29 September 2020

Training in Cambodia on Conservation Agriculture, 28-29 September 2020

A training session on “Conservation Agriculture: A Sustainable Cropping Solution” will be organized by the Conservation Agriculture Service Center of the Department of Agricultural Land Resources Management, CIRAD, SmartAgro and SwissContact.

Objective of the training

  • Raising the awareness on the agroecological cropping management through the conservation agriculture techniques.
  • Improving technical skills of the farmers/resource persons on the implementation the cropping sequences, efficient resource utilization and mechanization for CA.
  • Extension of the CA farmer’s networks.

Training Schedule & Course Program

  • Date: Monday 28th to Tuesday 29th September 2020
  • Venue: The Conservation Agriculture Service Center, Phumi Thlok Kravan, Bosknor commune, Chamkar Leu district, Kompong Cham province.
  • The course Program is available here

Target Attendees

This course is designed to be attended by 35 participants who are farmers who have problems with increasing pest infestation, soil degradation, decreasing yields and are looking for safe solutions and maintaining organic values of production. Farmers in the organic rice production network and sustainable rice platform will be invited through partner organizations. For general farmers, agricultural extension officer, students and researchers can also register, which can be done through the Facebook page of the Conservation Agriculture Service Center and SmartAgro or via link ( All participants are required to pay a contribution of 20,000 Riels for supporting the program.

Expected Outcome

The short course, which will include theoretical studies and practical visits, will provide a wealth of new knowledge and experience that can provide a foundation for sustaining their farming. Participants will gain a better understanding of the principles to implement the agroecological based techniques that adjust the use of environmental services as the resources to improve production and the benefits of biodiversity to better soil health and crop yield. Base on the detailed discussion in applying the techniques of conservation agriculture, participants will understand the relationship between soil health and crop productivity and they will practice the farming that is more preserving for soil structure and know-how to protect the soil from nutrient leaching and erosion. The demonstration of the rotational cropping system with the group works on designing a resilient cropping pattern will impose an understanding of the advantage of biodiversity and able to integrate the system through cover crops while they will get access to SmartAgro, a seed supplies company with clear information of the products. The displays of the types of machinery will bring the participant to a new-level of utilizing the machines where the soil is less disturbed or broken the natural structure when operating any sequences. A clear explaining of the features and functionality will help to bring ideas to the participants on how to adopt for their farm. Furthermore, the short course wills created a network of the agroecology farmer that bring together the producers, and possible stakeholders in the production for future follow up and sharing.