Training Thailand – Mindful Markets Social Enterprise Course

Training Thailand – Mindful Markets Social Enterprise Course

Mindful Markets are alternative approaches to shaping food systems based on full awareness of interconnected factors and driven by the principle of “Organic Food for All.” Mindful Markets focus on long term relationships between farmers and consumers by creating channels and building networks which provide access to healthy food and promote well being for stakeholders.

The Mindful Markets Social Enterprise Course emphasizes hands on experience through practical training in distinct modules. It will assist participants to understand the process of mindful markets and to develop and improve their green business projects. In addition, dialogue will be arranged with experts of each discipline such as active farmers, food processors, social analysts, and entrepreneurs. Group work is a very much core approach with exchange ideas, practices and notions from people with different backgrounds. Furthermore the course provides excursions to successful farms and food-based social enterprises. This will empower the participants in their leading roles developing/ managing social enterprises.

  • Hands-on experience
  • Distinct modules
  • Understanding mindful markets and food systems
  • Self-confidence and empowerment in development and improvement of green business projects and social enterprises
  • Dialogue with experts from various disciplines
  • Real life examples of good practices of various scales
  • Intensive group work
  • Design and development of a social enterprise business plan
  • Interaction with the public

The course will take place in Bangkok, Thailand from 23rd August to 4th September 2016

More detailled information available here: Mindful Markets social enterprise course 2016