Webinar on Agroecology: policy pathways to a pesticide-free future, 21 July 2021

Webinar on Agroecology: policy pathways to a pesticide-free future, 21 July 2021

On behalf of Pesticide Action Network (PAN) International, we are pleased to invite you to a webinar:

Agroecology: policy pathways to a pesticide-free future

Wednesday, 21 July 2021, 13:00 GMT (9:00 AM New York/EDT; 15:00 Central Europe/CEST)

In this webinar, you will hear policymakers from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe share their experiences in developing and implementing public policies and initiatives that support transitions from pesticide dependence to agroecology. This proven approach to farming — grounded in principles of equity, collectivity, and food sovereignty — has enabled farmers around the world to replace dependence on highly hazardous pesticides with healthy, resilient food and farming systems.

Join our conversation with policymakers to learn about the wide diversity of policy approaches supporting agroecological transitions that are underway today, from local to national to region-wide programs in Argentina, Mexico, Spain, India, Benin and West Africa.



  • Lidia García-García, Member of Coordination Team of the Right to Food Observatory, Valencia Food Policy Council & Center for Social Innovation (Spain)
  • Marta Isabel Ferreira, Minister of Family Agriculture,  Province of Misiones (Argentina)
  • Vijay Kumar Thallam, Advisor to Government of Andhra Pradesh for Agriculture & Cooperation (India)
  • Cecilia Elizondo, Academic Staff of Agroecology Group, El Colegio de La Frontera Sur & former Chief of Cabinet of Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Mexico)
  • Simplice Davo Vodouhe, Coordinator of the Benin Organization for the Promotion of Organic Agriculture (OBEPAB) and Advisor to the Benin government’s organic action plan (Benin)
  • Ernest Aubee, Head of Agriculture Division, Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Commission (West Africa)
  • Ana María Suárez Franco, Permanent Representative of FIAN in Geneva/Accountability Coordinator

Interpretation in English, French & Spanish will be provided.

The program with speaker details is available in English and Spanish. A French translation will follow soon.

Please note that participants need to register in advance (registration is free but required).

This is an international event, so be sure to check your local time zone.

This webinar is co-sponsored by the African Centre for Biodiversity, Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa, FIAN International, Movimiento Agroecológico Latinoamericano y del Caribe (MAELA), National Family Farm Coalition (US), Third World Network, West Africa Organic Network, Ceres Trust, CS Fund, Panta Rhea and the Agroecology Fund.

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