World Food Day celebration in Lao PDR

World Food Day celebration in Lao PDR

World Food Day celebration in Lao PDR was organized by the Ministry of agriculture and forestry, on the 30th of October 2020 at NAFRI. The meeting was attended by a total of 210 participants from the Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, including researchers, professors, students from NUoL, and representatives from various international organizations such as representatives from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), UN, ACA, CIA…The morning session is an official ceremony and the afternoon session is a Seminar for World Food Day 2020 – focusing on “Grow, Nourish, Sustain together. Our Actions are our Future”.

The contents of the presentation and discussed at this meeting include:

Session 1: Grow, Nourish, Sustain together

Session 2: Policy and Actions for Nutrition and Recovery and Poverty Reduction

Session 3: Summary of key issues and Delivery Appreciation Speech

On this occasion, IWMI in Laos set up a booth to display and disseminate information and achievement of IWMI to participants and the deputy minister of MAF, and other senior officials.