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Permaculture Handbooks by IDEP Foundation

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Title of document: Permaculture Handbooks by IDEP Foundation

Authors/editor: IDEP Foundation with PERMATIL and GreenHand

Journal’s name if any:

Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation: IDEP Foundation with PERMATIL and GreenHand

Year of publication: 2011

Geographic focus: Indonesia

Main issues / topics addressed (for example:…)

School of agroecology (if any):

Web address to original document (if any):


To provide a wide range of practical and comprehensive guidelines, tools, and techniques for delivering effective Permaculture workshops. It includes over 200 presentations, creative thinking exercises, and practical hands-on exercises which can be used by local facilitators to design and implement effective courses appropriate to the needs in their area. It has been designed to work in conjunction with the companion books “A Resource Book for Permaculture - Solutions for Sustainable Lifestyles” and “The Permaculture Facilitator’s Handbook for Training and Assessment.” The workshop techniques include knowledge and practical techniques for environmental rehabilitation and sustainability, strengthening community resilience and local economies. The contents of the book are based on concepts of deep ecology, the inter connectedness of our environment and culture and the principles and ethics of sustainable community development.