Title of document: Agroforestry in rice-production landscapes in Southeast Asia: a practical manual

Authors: Prasit Wangpakapattanawong; Robert Finlayson; Ingrid Öborn; James M. Roshetko; Fergus Sinclair; Kenichi Shono; Simone Borelli; Anique Hillbrand; Michela Conigliaro

Journal’s name if any:

Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation: FAO or ICRAF

Year of publication: 2017

Geographic focus: Southeast Asia

Main issues / topics addressed (for example: Background to rice production and agroforestry in Southeast Asia; Planning, designing, developing and managing agroforestry systems in rice production landscapes in Southeast Asia; Sharing knowledge ……)

School of agroecology (if any):

Web address to original document (if any): http://www.worldagroforestry.org/publication/agroforestry-rice-production-landscapes-southeast-asia-practical-manual


This manual is intended to help rural advisory and agricultural extension workers guide farming communities in the establishment of agroforestry practices in rice-production landscapes in Southeast Asia. It sets out the steps to be taken to successfully integrate trees in rice-fields and associated farms and landscapes and presents practical tools that can be used by extensionists when supporting farmers who are implementing agroforestry practices on their farms. The ultimate aim of this guide is to support farmers in increasing the overall productivity of their farms while increasing resilience to climate change, improving the health of the surrounding environment, and enhancing the livelihoods of their communities