ALiSEA organized the second training on Photo and Video production for members in Southern Vietnam

ALiSEA organized the second training on Photo and Video production for members  in Southern Vietnam

By Nguyễn Thị Trang – PHANO

In the framework of the ASSET project, and supported by Dong Thap’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Agroecology Learning Alliance in Southeast Asia (ALiSEA Vietnam), in collaboration with GRET, Vietnam Rural Development Science Association (PHANO), the Northern Mountainous Agriculture and Forestry Science Institute (NOMAFSI) successfully held a second training session on photography, podcasting, and video production using smartphones for 11 participants from member organizations. This three-day workshop, held from March 12 to 14, 2024, in Dong Thap, Vietnam, catered to the growing demand for these skills among ALiSEA’s members in Southern Vietnam.

The training aimed to equip participants with the following skill sets:

  • Basic knowledge and techniques in mobile photography, podcasting, and short video production
  • Creating short podcasts that incorporate images
  • Understanding the process of scriptwriting and short film production
  • Promoting communication and knowledge sharing among member organizations regarding the transition towards transparent food systems through agroecology

With the support of GRET and under the guidance of trainers Mr. Pat Sovann (Regional Board Member of ALiSEA Network and National Coordinator of the ASSET project in Cambodia) and Mr. Oeu Vearyda (Communication Officer of ASSET project), the training session was tailored to the participants’ needs through a pre-training assessment.

The interactive sessions covered the following:

  • Knowledge and experience exchange in photography and videography
  • Practical exercises to improve video shooting and editing skills using smartphones
  • Strategies for sharing and promoting videos on social media platforms, particularly Facebook
  • Individual creation of a video and podcast on agroecology, with a commitment to utilizing the acquired skills

Trainers and assistants closely monitored participants’ progress throughout the agenda, evaluating their work to ensure the effectiveness of the training.

Mrs. Huong – a participant from FNF Vietnam shared: “I’m keen on creating and sharing media products about agroecology, but I haven’t had the suitable opportunity. This training session has given me the knowledge and skills I need to pursue my passion. During the 3-day training, I received dedicated guidance from two trainers who shared a wealth of experience in creating a well-composed photo using the rule of thirds, light locking (AF) and balancing, and scriptwriting – the first crucial step in producing short videos.”

This successful training session demonstrates ALiSEA’s commitment to empowering its members in Southern Vietnam with the necessary skills to promote agroecology through mobile media creation. The positive feedback paves the way for continued collaboration and knowledge sharing within the ALiSEA network.