Title of document: Farming systems analysis: A guidebook for researchers and development practitioners in Myanmar

Authors/editor: Jean-Christophe Diepart and Céline Allaverdian

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Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation: GRET—Yezin Agricultural University

Year of publication: 2018

Geographic focus: myanmar

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Web address to original document (if any): https://www.gret.org/publication/farming-systems-analysis-guidebook-myanmar/?lang=en&fbclid=IwAR3TdfKF7hvCsGM0ktOvSm3wD_ll_llQlqsPnyDdM_jFFRB-pYLHsiaLv_Y


This guidebook was written for students, researchers and development practitioners engaged in supporting family farmers in Myanmar and other areas of Southeast Asia. It provides detai led methodological guidance to carry out farming systems analyses.The guidebook provides key concepts and tools for a better understanding of farmers’ decisions and practices. The guidebook helps nurture a professional dialogue between farmers and rural development practitioners, to effectively support family farmers’ productive activities and their future aspirations. The guidebook was developed by GRET in partnership with Yezin Agricultural University. It is based on 18 months of experience conducting farming systems research in five States and Regions of Myanmar.