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  • Title of document: Policy Brief - Issue No. 1: Promoting an Enabling Environment for the Private Sector for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization

    Authors/editor: UN-ESCAP CSAM

    Journal’s name if any:

    Ministry/Government Agency/Organization: UN-ESCAP CSAM

    Year of publication: 2020

    Geographic focus: Asia

    Main issues/ topics addressed (for example: Challenges Facing the Private Sector in Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization in the Asia-Pacific Region; Policy Recommendations…)

    School of agroecology (if any):

    Web address to original document (if any): http://www.un-csam.org/Publication/PB202007.pdf


    For the purpose of this policy brief, the ‘private sector’ in relation to agricultural mechanization is understood to comprise of four groups of economic actors: (1) farmers, (2) retailers and wholesalers, (3) manufacturers, and (4) importers. As this brief illustrates, the creation of an enabling environment for the private sector for sustainable agricultural mechanization requires related government entities to implement well-delineated policies, provide effectual incentives, and establish accessible communication channels…