Title of document: The handbook - The regional vegetable forum 2018

Authors/editor: ACIAR

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Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation: GRET/ALiSEA, LWD, WVI-C, DCA, Banteay Srei, CHQ of Plant and Food Research PFR New Zealand, Oxfam, Caritas Cambodia, World Renew, AK.

Year of publication: 2018

Geographic focus: Cambodia and Lao PDR

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The vegetable sector is becoming more of a focus for research, development and the private sector in Southeast Asia due to the high nutritional and economical value that can be generated. However, the sector faces key challenges including (1) low average yields of vegetable production in many places; (2) poor competitiveness within the region as well as outside the region; (3) postharvest losses as high as 40%; (4) produce that does not conform to quality and safety demands of consumers and (5) problems meeting market demand during the wet season.

This handbook can be used as a reference guide to find people working in similar locations, with similar products or as a way to find information and synergies. We think that by working together and creating strong networks, we can be more effective and improve the sustainability of the vegetable sector in our region.