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  • Title of document: Towards a common food policy for the European Union: The policy reform and realignment that is required to build sustainable food systems in Europe

    Authors/editor: Olivier De Schutter

    Journal’s name if any:

    Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation: IPES-Food

    Year of publication: 2019

    Geographic focus: EU

    Main issues / topics addressed (for example: Sustainability challenges: why do we need a fundamental change of direction in EU food and farming systems? What is a common food policy and why is it required: 4 key reasons; How do we get there? a common food policy blueprint…)

    School of agroecology (if any):

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    This report argues for a Common Food Policy for the European Union: a policy setting a direction of travel for the whole food system, bringing together the various sectoral policies that affect food production, processing, distribution, and consumption, and refocusing all actions on the transition to sustainability.