Green Shoots Foundation & CIDO Agritech Centre, North West Cambodia

Green Shoots Foundation & CIDO Agritech Centre,  North West Cambodia

Green Shoots Foundation and Community-based Integrated Development Organisation (CIDO) have recently established an agriculture-training center in Odar Meanchey, North West Cambodia.

Space is a community-learning center, which acts as a training area and demonstration site for a range of activities pertaining to rural development, farmer livelihood and enabling young people to remain acquainted with agriculture.

Three main objectives we have identified for the site are:

  • Provide access to vocational training in horticulture, integrated farming, and other sustainable farming practices and technology
  • Improve the practical application of rural development skills in-line with environmental preservation
  • Enhance the capacity of young farmers for enterprise development

We carry out farm-management activities on a daily basis below and also offer seminars and workshops to local households on microfinance, nutrition-related to food growing.

  • Demonstration site for:
    • Home garden (budget USD 100)
    • Conservation agriculture
    • Mini-commercial farm with drip irrigation
    • Agroecology
  • Producing natural compost
  • Production and storage of natural pesticide, natural fertilizer and nutritious liquids for fruits and vegetables
  • Permaculture garden showing mixed cropping and reviving “wild” foods
  • Frog-raising
  • Wormery
  • Eco-building via earth construction and bamboo

Our staff conducts regular outreach in the nearby village to inform residents about activities, encourage them to visit the center for learning. We also partner with local secondary schools to host students as part of their life skills learning.

Our farm is open for visitors from other organizations and volunteers interested in opportunities to work on-site.

Muneezay Jaffery, Operations Manager – Green Shoots Foundation

UK: +44 7903224508; Cambodia: +85515583027; Email: [email protected]

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