Supported by: PADEE program
Location: Cambodia
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Ms. Lay Guecsim, 45 years old, living in Toul Kraing, Kraing Yove Commune, Saang Commune, Takeo province, has known how to grow vegetable since she was young. She firstly stared to grow the conventional vegetable and later on she has changed her mind set when she has participated in PADEE program.  He has been trained on a number of agricultural techniques including animal raising, rice production, fish production, and organic vegetable production. After the training, only 3 farmers were selected as the outstanding farmer to grow the organic vegetable production. She has made her own compost for home garden. She has recently participated in the agri-product fairs organized by the project.  She has shown a strong willingness to test the new crop variety and modern production technology. She is now growing asparagus and she expected that she will get better profit on the crop. The current farm gate price of asparagus is about 2 US dollars and this price quite competitive is comparative is local produce.

She has grown European lettuce for already two cycles and she got 80 kg of lettuce and 1kg she get 0.75$. And the total amount is 60$. She is currently cooperating with Natural Garden for the market. On the plot of about 100m2. She bought only the seeds which cost around 12.5$. She uses compost to fertilize the lettuce.

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Toul Kraing, Kraing Yove Commune, Saang Commune, Takeo province, Cambodia