National: Laos

Title: Link and learn agro-ecology from the field

Organization: CLICK

Link: (Website, Facebook, YouTube,….)


To promote sustainable agriculture and increased cooperation in the area of knowledge management with ALiSEA members, capture at least 20 agro-ecological best practices, shared and learned by members of ALiSEA, Lao Farmer Network and Department of Agriculture Extension and Cooperative.

Localization: All provinces

Period: 18 months


1: A workshop to map out agro-ecological practices in Laos inviting ALiSEA members and non members

2: Set up expert team for each topic for capitalization process including owner of the practice and supporting team.

3: Conduct documentation and assessment of each practice by the expert team.

4: Produce media

5: Disseminate the knowledge products to online relevant platforms

6: Organize a knowledge fair


(will add and update during the implementation)

Budget granted by ALiSEA:  19,955 EUROs

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