National: Vietnam

Title: Strengthening community capacity in monitoring pesticides use and promoting Agroecology- for a Non-Toxic Environment

Organization: Research Centre for Gender, Family and Environment in Development, CGFED

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Agroecology plays an important role in protecting human health and the environment, in which monitoring and control of pesticides in agricultural production is a prerequisite for agroecology. Farmers have an important role to play in monitoring pesticide use, particularly women farmers since many men migrate to big cities for work.

The monitoring of pesticide use will be implemented by application of the CPAM tools and biodiversity monitoring. Results of pesticide use monitoring are the basis for communication events, advocating for communities and local authorities to reduce the use of pesticides (especially highly hazardous pesticides) and agroecological practices. Female farmers will directly carry out monitoring of pesticide use as well as initiate and conduct communication events in the community with support from the project.

To do this, the project carries out activities to improve capacity and promote participation of female farmers through training courses (on using CPAM tools and biodiversity monitoring in monitoring pesticide use; women’s leadership), organizing communication events.

Localization: Nam Dinh province

Period: 12 months


1: Training for the pioneering group of rural female farmers and stakeholders on CPAM, CPAM tools and agroecology.

2: Monitoring of pesticide use by CPAM tools and biodiversity monitoring

3: Writing the pesticide use monitoring report and developing communication materials, policy brief

4: Training on women’s leadership for the pioneer group of rural female farmers

5: Organize communication events to promote agroecology.

6: Kick-off meeting with participation of stakeholders.

7: Workshop on evaluation of project results


(will add and update during the implementation)

Budget granted by ALiSEA:  19,998 EUROs

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