Supported by: CIRAD
Location: Laos
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Mr. Dachang, Farmer
“I used to be a constructor for 11 years combined with agricultural activities. I’ve started to raise cattle, reason why I decided to join the program. It gave me access to forage seeds, barbwire,  fertilizers and land preparation equipment, which cost 4.5 million LAK. The project provides a loan for covering these initial investment amount. I will have to refund this amount to the project after 3 years of production. The fund will then be offered to another farmer, who would like to participate in the activity.

My forage seeds and forage are sold to other farmers as well.

I believe that the farmers will adopt this practice widely because a lot of farmers in Xiengkhouang province breed the cattle for the Vietnamese market.”

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Khang nongluang Village, Pek District, Xieng Khouang province, Laos