Supported by: Royal King Project Thailand
Location: Laos
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Mr. Khampanh Sithivong, Head of Cooperation and Planning division
The center has been established in 1995 from the cooperation project between the DOA/MAF and the King Royal project of Thailand. The center has received support for the experimentation fund and the experimentation tools and equipment. In exchange, MAF covered the running costs and the human resource.

The center provides several trainings, such as orchard cultivation, liquid bio-extracted fertilizer making, compost making, mushroom cultivation, fish raising, frog raising, and integrated farming. In 2015, the center sold 4 tons of fish, 2,000 heads of chicken and 3 tons of vegetable.

The center welcomes visitors for promoting wider adoption of new techniques. The center assists the farmers to identify training needs and to conduct experimentations on potential crops and animals that farmers would like to cultivate or breed. In 2015, the center promoted pig raising, poultry raising, frog raising, and orchard cultivation to farmers in Pameung village of Borikan district of Borlikhamxay province.

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Nayang Village, Naxaiythong District, Vientiane Capital, Laos