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Mr. Yeng Song, he is 48 years old. He lives in Kok Russey Cheung village, Danrun commune, Sotr Nikum district, Siem Reap province. He started his garden in 2006, but what he did was similar to other farmers. He used chemical fertilizer, pesticides and plough soil every time before planting. He added chemical fertilizer at least 2 times and pesticide more than 3 times per crops cycle.

However, when he has been with APICI project in 2010, he has attended many trainings and exchange visit in and outside project areas. Through these events resulting him to change his habits because he could see the important of agro-ecological practices that have been promoting by APICI. Then, he starts to reduce chemical substances in his garden. He turns to use animals’ dunk and cow urine as a liquid fertilizer.

With technical support of project team, he become better and better. Later on, basing on his hard work and good performance, he becomes a pilot farmer who play an important role to disseminate good agro-ecological practices to other farmers.

Clearly, after he visited agro-ecological farms in India with APICI team he tries to improve his garden, by mainly using solid compost, liquid compost and bio-pesticide that he makes inside the garden. He mentions that this compost is an important thing to improve soil quality. He makes this compost with available local material inside his village. It needs a little bit time and labor force, but no need to spend any money to make it and absolutely better than chemical fertilizer. “I love this compost”, he said. On the other hand, to reduce the expense on chemical pesticide and its harmful, he makes various types of bio-pesticide. He sprays these bio-pesticide to prevent insects every one or two weeks. Now he feels appreciate with the result he gets. His crops grow very well without any chemical inputs, especially fertilizer and pesticide. The last things that he is really happy with are costs reduction and safe products that he gets.

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