Civil society organizations: NPA (SAEDA)
Location: Laos
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Mrs. Khamphiew Philavong, member of producers’ group
“I have cultivated rice and vegetable since 1980 and used a heavy amount of chemical fertilizers, pesticidse and insecticides in my production. In the recent years, I have felt that my health was not as good as before. I get sick more frequently.

Until 2009, the project has been promoting new technologies (organic vegetable and SRI). I participated in the initial training and experimented the organic vegetable in my land for the home-consumption. I have noted that my health become better. Then I recommend the organic vegetable to others farmers;
After that, the program has promoted the organic vegetable weekly market in Pek district. My family is now growing organic vegetable for the weekly organic market. My household income has improved. I produce 7 tons of rice per year (3.5 tons from the SRI). The average income from agriculture is 50 million kip per year.

More recently, I have  also learnt new techniques thanks to study tours and farmer’s exchanges from other areas. I have  adopted some of them such as integrated farming system. I have built the chicken farm (100 heads) on the top of the fish pond. The waste of the agricultural crops are used for the chicken and fish feed. The animal manure are used as compost in the vegetable gardens.

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