Pesticide Risk Reduction Talk in Laos

Pesticide Risk Reduction Talk in Laos

ALiSEA in Laos organized an online thematic talk on “Pesticide Risk Reduction” on August 25, 2023. The talk was presented by two guest speakers from the SAEDA and CCL, two organizations that work on pesticide management in Laos.

The first speaker, Ms. Phetlamphai Manivong, Pesticide and Sustainable Agriculture Programme Officer at SAEDA, gave an overview of pesticide risk behavior. She discussed the different types of pesticide risk, including health risks, environmental risks, and economic risks. She also highlighted the importance of pesticide risk reduction and how to keep safe from pesticides.


Ms. Phetlamphai explained that pesticide risk can be caused by the misuse of pesticides, such as using too much pesticide, using the wrong pesticide, or not following the safety instructions. She also said that pesticide risk can be caused by the environmental exposure to pesticides, such as through water, air, or soil contamination.

Ms. Phetlamphai stressed the importance of pesticide risk reduction. She said that there are many things that can be done to reduce pesticide risk, such as:

  • Using less pesticide
  • Using more targeted pesticide applications
  • Wearing protective clothing when handling pesticides
  • Storing pesticides properly
  • Disposing of pesticides properly

The second speaker, Ms. Bouaphone Vongkhamsone, Sustainable Management Officer at CCL, shared the experiences of the project’s activities on pesticide risk reduction in the northern provinces of Laos. She said that the project has been working on pesticide issues since 2010. The project has conducted surveys on the pesticide trade in the market at Nyot Ou district, and has collaborated with SAEDA and other partners to provide training on pesticide risk reduction in the community.

Ms. Bouaphone said that the project has also promoted the use of integrated pest management (IPM) practices. IPM is a more sustainable way to control pests that uses a combination of methods, such as crop rotation, biological control, and cultural practices.

Ms. Bouaphone Vongkhamsone – CCL was presenting about the effect from Pesticide

The talk was well-attended by 30 participants, who joined via Zoom and Facebook live streaming. The speakers’ presentations were informative and insightful, and the participants learned a lot about pesticide risk reduction. The talk also concluded with a Q&A session, where the audience asked questions about the risks of pesticide exposure, and also shared about the best practices for reducing pesticide risk.

The online thematic talk on pesticide risk reduction was a valuable opportunity for farmers, agricultural workers, and other stakeholders to learn about the risks of pesticides and how to reduce those risks. The talk was well-attended and the speakers were well-received. ALiSEA plans to organize more thematic talks on pesticide risk reduction in the future.

The video recording of the talk is available on the ALiSEA Laos Facebook page. The link is provided below.

VDO show here: