Third call for proposal “Competitive grant scheme” in the framework of ACTAE Regional Project / Cansea Component

Third call for proposal “Competitive grant scheme” in the framework of ACTAE Regional Project / Cansea Component

With a fast growing population, increased pressure on its natural resources and climate change impacts everyday more present, South East Asia is at a crossroads regarding its agriculture development, calling for an important shift towards an agroecological transition. In this framework, ACTAE project has a regional focus (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam) and aims at enhancing and building durable and effective networking mechanisms to facilitate synergies among agroecology initiatives.

It intends, through its CANSEA component under Cirad, at providing institutional and operational backstopping on Conservation Agriculture (CA) and Agroecology (AE) research linked to the Conservation Agriculture Network in South East Asia (CANSEA). In this way, some grants will be provided to CANSEA members and partners in order to enhance and strengthen agroecological research activities.

Here is enclosed a concept note explaining the procedure and topics short listed: ACTAE-Cansea 3rd call for proposal VF10102017

Only proposals with a focus on agroforestry approach among agroecology will be eligible.

The proposal should be based on a production of high economic interest for the country (ies) concerned and should aim at: – Showing results for capitalization / demonstration even within 9 – 10 months of operational implementation of the project; – Improving the scientific and technical knowledge for the implementation of such an agroforestry approach in a general framework of the agroecological transition; – Providing relevant information and / or methodology for decisions by policy makers (national and provincial level); – Offering a genericity to allow their adaptation to other value crops and other regions/countries; – Offering a partnership between different actors and providing capacity building for national staff. – Reporting and sharing results by an oral presentation during the Regional Conference on Agroecology that will be held by mid October 2018 in one of the four countries.

Activities should concern Cambodia, Laos PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam; All recognized institutions based in the four countries covered by ACTAE regional project are eligible;

Maximum funding: 40 000 USD, co-funding is actively encouraged; Implementation of activities should not exceed the deadline of the 31st of August 2018, starting from the signature of the funding contract;

Will be highly appreciated the proposals showing: – A project implementation involving at least two of these four countries; – A partnership between an international research organization involving different national institutions in accordance with their field of expertise and objectives of the proposal.

The application deadline for this 3rd call is the 09th of November 2017

The application should include: – An executive summary, – Description of the proposal with i) context, ii) objective, iii) activities description, iv) partnerships, v) planning and duration, – A detailed budget.

Proposal should be sent by Email to: Mr Philippe Cao-Van / CTA of ACTAE regional project – Email: [email protected]