Workshop “Pesticides, Agriculture and Food: Multiple and Growing concerns in Cambodia”

Workshop “Pesticides, Agriculture and Food: Multiple and Growing concerns in Cambodia”


Workshop “Pesticides, Agriculture and Food: Multiple and Growing concerns in Cambodia”

Royal University of Agriculture, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on 28th of November 2019

Organization committee: Eve Bureau-Point (CNRS, CNE), Kimchhin Sok (Ecoland, RUA) Bunsamkaneka Chrin (Ecoland, RUA), Heng Chenghuy (Ecoland, RUA)

Organization: CNRS, IRD, Royal University of Agriculture, ECOLAND

Venue: Video Conference Room of Graduate School, RUA

About the workshop

After the chaos generated by turbulent historical events, international aid and market liberalization shaped the reconstruction of Cambodia in the 1990s. This pathway into productivism and globalization, however, also had some unexpected effects, such as the negative consequences of the intensive use of chemical inputs in the agricultural sector. The uncontrolled effects of the agricultural chemicals are better identified and/or recognized, and more widespread globally. Thus, farmers, politicians, input sellers, and consumers, are increasingly questioning how these chemical substances jeopardize the health and the environment.

This workshop provided an opportunity to share some recent research results to key stakeholders in Cambodia (from biological, toxicological and social sciences research). Representatives of different ministries will also present some regulation initiatives by the State. Alternative projects to limit the side-effects of the agricultural model based on agrochemistry will also be introduced by representatives of local and international NGOs. The final aim of the workshop is to increase knowledge sharing and facilitate the development of modes of production and consumption that better respect the health and the environment.

The objective of the workshop

  • Reinforce cross-sectoral knowledge on the multi-dimensional effects of pesticides circulation in Cambodia
  • Create a network of people engaged in understanding and reducing the health and environmental hazards of pesticides

Programme outline and summary of the contributions

Session 1: Recent research on pesticides in Cambodia
Session 2: Pesticides’ regulation
Session 3: Alternatives

Conclusion of the workshop