ARDC is a Private Limited Company which specialises in providing consultancy services in agriculture, fisheries and natural resources, infrastructure development and agriculture commodities trading for Cambodia.

Value Statement: ARDC is committed to the sustainable development of agriculture and natural resources, infrastructure and trading for the benefit of all Cambodians.

Mission Statement: to provide the highest quality consulting services based on commitment to developing unique transdisciplinary approaches for problems identification and the development of inclusive and sustainable solution pathways.

Who are we: The ARDC group is managed by a dedicated core group of agricultural and environmental professionals from diverse backgrounds supplying expertise for the sustainable governance and management of Cambodian agriculture and natural resources. ARDC is supported by a broad group of associated researchers and practitioners available for specific project design and implementation.

Our Core Expertise : Sustainable rural livelihoods development; Aquaculture and fisheries planning and management strategies; Entrepreneurial feasibility studies for rural project and business development; Social, economic and ecological Impact assessments; Geographical food production strategies; Agricultural extension and communication strategies; Agricultural technology and innovation training; Rural infrastructure development and planning and Agriculture commodity trading

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    Tel: +855 (0) 17 366-343/ 16 327-137