Agritage Vietnam Social Enterprise has the mission of preserving and developing Vietnamese Heritage Agriculture and the vision of becoming an initial group to build and replicate the Vietnamese Heritage Agriculture ecosystem. Agritage is an abbreviation, made up of two English words: Agriculture and Heritage. Agritage can be understood as: Heritage agriculture. The heritage agricultural village operated by Agritage Vietnam is defined as a place with all 5 components: (i) Sustainable livelihoods and food security; (ii) Biodiversity in agriculture; (iii) Have a tight community structure; (iv) Preserve the natural landscape system; (v) Indigenous culture is preserved. From 2019, Van Ho Heritage Agricultural Village – Agritage Van Ho (Chieng Yen commune, Van Ho district, Son La province) was the first Heritage Agricultural Village model in Vietnam operated by Van Ho Dong Rung Cooperative, owned by the people in the village. Up to now, Agritage Van Ho has accompanied 58 Thai households in Ban Buot, Chieng Yen commune, Van Ho district, Son La province to convert agricultural farming models using chemicals to organic farming and constructing brand agricultural products and bring high quality products to the market in Hanoi. An organic agricultural farming area meeting PGS standards has been formed with 12 hectares of rice and nuts. Community tourism is also developed with many forms of experiences associated with culture and nature conservation. Agritage Vietnam is continuing to carry out the mission of replicating the Vietnamese Heritage Agriculture ecosystem in Cao Bang province; Hoa Binh province,…

  • Buot Village, Chiềng Yên Commune, Van Ho district, Sơn La Province.
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