Our convictions and our commitments for the development of agriculture and territories The development of agriculture and rural areas carries major stakes dealing with poverty alleviation, accees to quality food, preservation of the environment and climate change adaptation and mitigation. Its contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals is essential and requires investments, expertise and commitment from stakeholders in the agricultural and rural sectors. Ownership on development goals and actions by local and national actors (civil society, private sector and public sector) is key to success. To achieve this, technical expertise for development must integrate listening and negotiation skills into its methods and attitudes, and support the capacity building of stakeholders, including family farmers and their organizations.ARTE-FACT Development & Agri-Food Consulting Co., Ltd. was created in 2018 and builds on these beliefs, on the experience and commitment of its founder and on a network of partners to support agricultural development initiatives, agricultural value chains and management of territories. We intervene in support of development projects and organizations, rural producers and their organizations or private sector actors. We see ourselves as “development craftsmen”, focusing on the quality of our services and on the development of appropriate and tailor-made solutions with the actors involved on the ground. At the same time we are practitioners and have a pragmatic approach, focused on achieving concrete results.

  • Mr. Jean-Marie Brun, Manager and Agricultural Sector Development Consultant [email protected] Tel: +855 (0)12 807 817