CARES is a public, non-profit educational and research institution within Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA), Vietnam. Started with a group of researchers of VNUA who have similar interests in natural resource management and rural development in the mid-1990s, CARES was officially founded in 2000. CARES’s mandate is to support farmers enhancing their technical knowledge & experience (through technical demonstrations) in the fields of sustainable agricultural development and natural resource protection in rural and peri-urban areas.

Since the establishment, CARES has been extended her capacity, research scope as well as international cooperation. CARES has been cooperated with and funded by a numbers of international donors such as the Ford Foundation, European Commission, WRI, Toyota Foundation, USDA, the Rockefeller Foundation, DANIDA, Vietnam Facility, the World Bank etc.,

At the present, CARES consists of 3 major working groups: (1) Integrated agroforestry-system development; (2) Technological innovations and knowledge transfer; (3) Institutional research and policy advocacy. All of these groups are being headed by staff who own PhD from universities of OECD countries. Presently, CARES has 8 full-time staffs and 12 part-time staffs. Besides these staff, temporary experts are called from other departments within HUA or outside organizations for specific activities when necessary.

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