Maeying Huamjai Phattana (translated as “Women Mobilizing for Development”) or MHP, is a non-profit association (or NPA) organization that is registered under the decree on associations (No 115/PM, dated April 29th 2009). With improved livelihoods for women as the starting point, MHP emphasizes women’s empowerment, access to resources, improved nutrition, income generation and market access, women’s and children’s rights and organizational learning in its programs.
The mission of MHP is MHP seeks to build the capacity of the people, and poor women in rural areas in particular, so that they have a higher quality of life, in which they can take control of their destiny in sustainable ways.
, MHP has eighteen staff they are working full time.

  • Huay xai tai village, Bokeo province, Lao PDR
    Email: [email protected]
    Tel: +856 20 2238 2880 Fax: +856 084 212 273