Vietnam Rural Development Science Association (PHANO) is the professional organization at the national level, develop activities in the whole country. PHANO includes scientists, individuals who are willing to support the poor farmers and rural communities to build and improve their ability to implement the new rural development programs on a sustainable basis.
PHANO releases Vietnam Journal of Science for Rural Development to aim at reviewing issues related to agricultural and rural policy.
PHANO supports local farmers through providing consultation to develop programs to support rural development, adapting to climate change, doing inclusive agri-business, institutional development, enhancing capacity for training to improve farmers’ skills for agro-ecology.
PHANO usually organizes policy consultations of scientists to help the State management bodies related to agriculture to finalize policies before the submission to the Ministry’s leaders and Government.
PHANO supports and collaborates to promote the formation of Sub-Associations in the provinces and cities to link the large force across the country, contributing actually to the rural construction and development in Vietnam.

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