Title of document: Adoption of Organic Rice for Sustainable Development in Bangladesh

Authors: Shaikh Tanveer Hossain, Hideki Sugimoto, Hideto Ueno and Sheikh Mohammed Rafiul Huque

Journal’s name if any: Journal of Organic Systems – Vol.2 No.2, 2007

Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation: Ehime University, JOS

Year of publication: 2007

Geographic focus: Bangladesh

Main issues / topics addressed (for example: Introduction; Materials and Methods; Results and Discussion; Conclusion……)

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Bangladesh now needs to thank its soil health, environment and human health for the country being almost self-sufficient in rice production. The present study has been undertaken to gain knowledge of the level of awareness by farmers and consumers regarding the status of organic rice, and knowledge of demand and marketing opportunities and limitations for organic rice in the country. The present study has highlighted the overall organic rice situation in Bangladesh, which is not yet well documented. The results also demonstrate that farmers and consumers are aware of the hazards of chemical compounds but have little knowledge about organic rice. The present study may open a new window for organic rice research and marketing (both local and export) for all stakeholders (including planners) and could succeed in the adoption of organic rice in Bangladesh.