Kindly find hereafter a brief wrap up of all the feedbacks we have received in the different sessions:

  • ALiSEA Small Grant Facility main funding prioritiesare to strengthen knowledge and share experiences; increase visibility and credibility of agroecology towards consumers and policy makers; and scale up the development and adoption of agroecological practices among farmers;
  • Agroecology is referring to 6 common found set of practices in South East Asia: agro-forestry, SRI, IPM, conservation agriculture, organic agriculture, integrated agriculture. Applicants should address at least one of them;
  • ALiSEA Small Grant Facility is a competitive grant scheme aiming at co-funding existing project or the up-scaling of successful initiative;
  • Budget requirements: each applicant can request a grant up to 10,000 USD maximum with 20% of co-funding of the requested budget. For example, if you request the maximum amount of 10,000USD, you will need to contribute an extra 2,000USD as co-funding (from your own resources). If you request only 5,000USD, you will need to provide only 1,000USD as co-funding.
  • Co-funding source can be in kinds or in cash but will have to be duly justified (justification will be part of the evaluation criteria for the budget)
  • At this stage, only concept note should be send by 13th of March the latest. No detailed budget is requested.