The 1st call for proposal for the ALiSEA Small Grant Facility has been closed on the 3rd of October 2016.

We are very glad to announce that a total of 47 Concept Notes (CN) have been received from the 4 targeted countries as follow:

  • 16 Concept Notes from Vietnam
  • 12 Concept Notes from Myanmar
  • 11 Concept Notes from Laos
  • 8 Concept Notes from Cambodia

 A summary of all the CN received is available here.

Overall, there was a rather good diversity in term of geographic coverage in each country, with CN addressing different agroecosystem: low lands (rice), dry zones (pulses, orchards, VAC), uplands (vegetable, agroforestry, VAC), coastal areas. As far as the nature of the stakeholders is concerned, it can be pointed out that a large majority of concept notes has been submitted by applicants from NGO sector (49 % from local NGO and 6% from INGO). This figure goes up to nearly 90% from LNGO in Cambodia, and down to less than 20% in Vietnam.  

Stakeholder representation, 1st round of call for proposal, ALiSEA Small Grant Facility Universities, with 21% of the CN overall, have been also well represented, although it is very heterogeneous across the region (70% of the University CN are from Vietnam and 30% are from Laos). 75% of the CN address directly one or more Agroecology set of practices that has been identified by ALiSEA. Amongst the practices, Organic Agriculture is by far the most represented (nearly 50%).



Set of practices found in the small grants submitted in the 1st round of call for proposals Most of the concept notes are part of larger initiatives that bring co-funding. The total cumulated budget for all CN (including co-funding) amounts for nearly 700,000 USD. Total cumulated budget requested to ALiSEA is slightly under 400,000 USD, with an average per CN amounting for 8400 USD. Out of the 47 CN, 25 have been selected for the full proposal stage, 6 from each country + 1 with a regional focus. Out of the 25 other CN, 12 full proposals will be selected and funded:

  • 3 full proposals from Laos;
  • 3 proposals from Myanmar;
  • 4 proposal from Vietnam;
  • 2 full proposals from Cambodia (given a limited number of CN received compare to other countries).
All applicants which Concept Notes is selected, are requested to submit a full proposal and detailed budget. Dedicated templates are available for download on the Guidelines & Templates
The deadline for submitting all full proposals is set on the 22nd of November 2016.