Cambodia ALiSEA Online Thematic Sharing Workshop

Cambodia ALiSEA Online Thematic Sharing Workshop

Cambodia ALiSEA Board Members organized the online thematic sharing workshop for 39 students and representatives from different organizations under the theme “Setting the scene of agroecology in Cambodia” on 27 March 2023. The objective of the event was to present and share knowledge and experiences about ALiSEA network and its future pathway on agroecology (AE) and safe food systems in Cambodia and key principles and practices of AE. Speakers in this workshop were as the following:

1-Mr. Thol Buntha, DPA-ALiSEA National Secretariat Officer (DPA), presented “Introduction to the ALiSEA Network” in which he highlighted the network vision and goals, structure, members, interventions, action plan 2023, funding partners, small grant facility and the process to become ALiSEA members.

2-Ms. Celia Del Campo Aragones, ALiSEA Theory of Change, Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator (DCA), shared her knowledge and experience on “Exploring key principles and practices of agroecology”. Her presentation covered introduction to agroecology, sustainable food systems, linkage FAO elements and HLPE principles, FAO-HLPE elements of agroecology, ALiSEA Cambodia agroecology principles and evolution of the ALiSEA principles.

3-Mr. Hou Sorith, ALiSEA Knowledge Management Coordinator from Ecosystem Services and Land Use (ECOLAND), presented “ALiSEA network future pathway to AE and safe food systems in Cambodia” by showing obstacles and opportunities for agroecology transition in Cambodia including vision and transition pathways that were resulted from ALiSEA Theory of Change workshop.

Through the workshop, all participants were aware of ALiSEA network and will use the knowledge in improving knowledge related to Cambodian Agroecology principles.