Company Profile

GAIA VITA Co,Ltd – Bio-fertilizers Engineering-
GAIA VITA Co,Ltd, to be officially registered in the soon coming time, is a company dedicated to Environmental Sustainable Development, specifically in Agri-Business.
Because of the changing market of agricultural inputs (fewer chemicals and more ecological products), the change in the methods of fertilization and the evolution of the economies of emerging countries, Gaia Vita provides a real answer to agro-industrial producers who today, wish to use clean fertilizers and/or recycle and enrich their residues in order to produce Bio-fertilizers.
Gaia Vita projects in 2019 are first to set up a small-scale bio-fertilizer pilot production unit in Vientiane Capital for trading in that market area, taking part into GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) promotion (by seminars, workshops)
and find investors who aim to set up their own factories in other locations, in what Gaia Vita can partner by providing technical, industrial and commercial support.

Job Description

It will be your job to aid the general manager in coordinating, directing and planning everyday business operations. You’ll help create weekly schedules, ensure shifts go smoothly, manage daily operations and help with human resources as necessary. The job also entails some administrative duties, training new employees and assisting on the front and back lines when necessary. Additionally, you’ll also help lead team meetings and group training sessions.
Without forgetting assist on driving sales & marketing activities.

Assistant General Manager Job Responsibilities and Duties
  • Direct administrative activities.
  • Oversee daily activities of factory operations.
  • Ensure factory activities are performed in the most effective and productive manner.
  • Look over financial statements, sales reports and other performance data to gauge productivity and achieve daily, weekly and monthly sales goals.
  • Monitor supplies and inventory to make sure they’re used properly and efficiently.
  • Assign duties to factory team members and create work schedules.
  • Interview and hire new employees.
  • Engage in educational opportunities in order to remain up-to-date on the latest industry techniques, tools and trends.
  • Engage in opportunities that can add to overall workplace accomplishments.
Assistant General Manager Skills and Qualifications
  • A bachelor’s degree and more education in sales & marketing and/or business administration and/or agricultural and forestry (is a plus).
  • At least three years of experience in at least 1 of that fields.
  • Leadership and time-management skills.
  • Knowledge of environmental sustain development is a plus.
  • Demonstrated customer and personal service skills.
  • Ability to manage and able to work independently, with working time flexibility.

Contact information:

Nongbone Road, Green Building, 4th Floor, Unit 41, Ban Naxay, Saysettha District, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR