National: Vietnam

Title: Capitalisation of Participatory Guarantee System experiences in Vietnam for upscaling & institutionalisation


VECO Vietnam (project lead)

Vietnam National University of Agriculture



PGS was first implemented in Vietnam in Thanh Xuan commune, Soc Son district, in Hanoi. It was introduced by the Danish nongovernmental organization ADDA in 2008, following the model developed by IFOAM for organic agriculture. In 2010, Rikolto (then called VECO) started using the same PGS mechanism with a food safety standard. In order to inform future advocacy activities & to facilitate PGS replication by other actors, the project funded by ALiSEA will produce 3 deliverables. First, it will carry out a PGS assessment study which will include a desk review of PGS experiences & successes outside of Vietnam, an overview & analysis of PGS experiences in Vietnam including lessons learned & best practices, and recommendations for improvement. Second, the project will produce a toolbox to facilitate the adoption & replication of an ideal PGS model for safe vegetables. The toolbox will be comprised of a reader-friendly training of trainer manual explaining step by step how to set up Participatory Guarantee Systems for safe vegetables, a summary of the manual, a PGS handbook, and various factsheets on key building blocks of PGS “at a glance” (e.g. on PGS structures, indicative budget, capacity & extension needs, BasicGAP standard). Third, a policy brief will be developed and disseminated.

  • Localization:  Trac Van, Duy Tien district, Ha Nam province
  • Thanh Xuan, Soc Son district, Hanoi province
  • Luong Son district and Tan Lac district, Hoa Binh province
  • Tu Xa, Lam Thao district, and Tan Duc, Viet Tri City, Phu Tho province
  • Cam Thanh, Hoi An, Quang Nam province
  • Loc Thuan, Binh Dai district, and An Hoa Tay and Ba Tri, Ba Tri district,  Ben Tre province


PART 1 – PGS assessment study and case studies

Activity 1:  Literature review on domestic PGS experiences & PGS recognition abroad

Activity 2: Methodology and questionnaire development for field data collection

Activity 3: Field visits for data collection on PGS systems in Vietnam

Activity 4: Analysis of existing PGS systems in Vietnam

Activity 5: Development of practical recommendations for the future development of PGS in Vietnam & final assessment report

Activity 6: Development of PGS case studies

Activity 7:  Development of a policy brief

PART 2 – PGS for sage vegetables toolbox

Activity 8: PGS handbook for farmers

Activity 9: PGS factsheets

Activity 10: Training of trainer manual

Activity 11: Toolbox summary for decision-makers

PART 3 – Communication and dissemination

Activity 12: Design and printing of project deliverables for communication & advocacy

Activity 13: Dissemination of toolbox, policy brief & study summary with external stakeholders

Activity 14: National workshop on PGS for SV & OV

Activity 15: Sharing of project updates on partners’ social media, websites and newsletter


Budget granted by ALiSEA: 10 000 $

The total project budget: 18,009.21 USD


Our Address:

Tay Ho District, Hanoi, Vietnam