National: Myanmar

Title: Ecosystem approach for drought resistant home gardening in Central Dy Zone


Terre des Hommes Italia



In the framework of another ongoing project started in March 2017, the current proposal aims at testing, fine-tuning and spreading an innovative approach to home gardening for the Myanmar Central Dry Zone. Following an agro-ecological appproach, on-soil gardens are considered complex systems. The gardens design will pursue the maximization of water efficiency and both soil and plants biodiversity, in order to foster their overlall stability, productivity and resilience. Given the context specific limits and the locally available resources, this will be achieved through the integration of biochar, in-situ earthworm farming fed by kitchen and animal wastes, cow manure, intense organic mulching, subsurface drip irrigation, companioning with pest repellent plants and IPM (including,  bio-pesticides). This practice will be co-researched both at field level with empirical methods and using indigenous knowledge, and at University level adopting a scientific approach. The integration of these evidence based studies will converge in a dissemination camapaign which will share the results of the studies, showcase success stories and replicate the practice through IEC materials and training.

Localization: Myanmar. Region: Magway. Townships: Magway, Natmauk.


1 – Dissemination of agroecological arid climate on-soil home gardens

2 – Knowledge exchange visits among farmers and other stakeholders

3 – Production and dissemination of University and farmers co-research results

4 – Collection and dissemination of success stories

5 – Production, publishing and dissemination of home gardens manuals


On-Soil Home Garden Manual: Ecosystem approach for drought resistant home gardening in Central Dy Zone, Myanmar _ Version English and Myanmar

Budget granted by ALiSEA: 10 000$


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