Title: Increasing incomes of Organic farmers through insect-based bio-conversion of brewery wastes into animal feed and Bio-fertilisers in Rural Communities

Green Community Development Association (GCDA)
& Waste Eco Solution Pte Ltd (WASECO)



Summary: A central facility (WASECO’s experimental platform in Ban Souan Mone) will remove brewers’ spent grains (BSG) and spent brewer’s yeast (BY) from the Beer-Lao brewery, and feed a mix to black soldier fly larvae (BSFL), which feed voraciously upon it and produce a protein-rich animal feedstuff and a soil conditioner. Already raised larvae will be distributed to two other sites and fed to chickens. The chicken manure combined with the exhausted soil conditioner (from larvae production) will form a fertilizer that GCDA will use in production of its Organic vegetables in Nalee’s Farm.

Localization: Vientiane, Laos

1) Training on Larvae growing technic in WASECO experimental Platform and training facility (Ban Souan Mone).
2) Construction of a Larvae Growing Facility in a centralized farm in ban Nathom.
3) Set up of a logistic and technical support “corridor” (3 times a week) between Ban Souan Mone and Ban Nathom to deliver BSG, BY and Mini-Larvae as well as technical follow up.
4) Dissemination of those practices among GCDA members in Vientiane province, Savannakhet, and Luang Prabang.
The New Practice Test will last 5 month, which is estimated to be sufficient amount of time for GCDA to “demonstrate” impact on growth rate of their vegetables and poultry, and on incomes.


Budget granted by ALiSEA: 10 000 $


Our Address:

Ban nathom, Vientiane, Laos