Short term National or International Consultant – SNV Laos

Short term National or International Consultant – SNV Laos

SNV Laos is currently seeking for Short term National or International Consultant (1 position). The duty station: Huaphan and Oudomxay Provinces


SNV Netherlands Development is a not-for-profit international development organization that has built a long-term local presence in 38 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin-America. SNV Laos implements projects to improve individual lives and contributes to solving global challenges in the areas of Agriculture, Energy, and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene.

The ENUFF project is funded by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation implemented by SNV Netherlands Development Organisation in partnership with Agrisud International. The ENUFF project aims to improve family nutrition in remote and ethnically-diverse upland farming communities through nutrition-sensitive agricultural production, sustainable management of natural resources and enhancement of good practices in health and hygiene. The project is being implemented in two districts of Oudomxay province (Nga and Beng) and in two districts of Huaphan province (Viengxay and Xiengkor).
The project is seeking a consultant specialised in fish farming to design a training curriculum adapted to respond to the technical issues faced by farming families owning small fish ponds.

The objectives of the position are:

  • To provide a quick diagnosis of the fish farming situation in the target villages: Determination and description of fish species; Production capacity; Breeding density; Pond aeration/oxygenation mode; Origin of fry (hatchery? In situ reproduction?); Water collection mode and source of incoming water; Destination of outlet water (use of water?); Type of food: local raw products, local manufacturing (mixture), processed feed?; Feed description (detailed specs and feed processor in case of processed feed); Use of specific treatment or medicine (fishes health); Study of sanitary problems; Harvest methods; Pond cleaning methods; Product destination (own consumption, local market).
  • To identify technical issues in small pond fish farming and design an adapted technical training curriculum for the DAFO technicians that can be easily transferred to the farming families. The training curriculum should be adapted to the technical level of the District technicians and should only respond to the issues identified. It should propose solutions adapted to the local context and as low-cost as possible for the farmers. The technical practices promoted should follow the principles of agroecology.
  • To propose technical solutions to improve small fish ponds: during the quick diagnosis, technical issues might also be identified on the fish pond itself, and not only in the farming techniques. The consultant should propose a design of small improved fish pond that would fit the needs of the farmers while remaining financially accessible so they could use it as a model to improve their own fish ponds or build new ones.


  • Work in collaboration with communities, the local government staff and the ENUFF provincial coordinators in the field to properly collect the data for the quick diagnosis. Provide a diagnosis report presenting the data collection result and analysis.
  • Identify improvement needs and provide the documents necessary to deliver a full technical training curriculum in English and Lao. The technical content should be adapted to the local context to improve farming techniques as well as fish pond model. The training tools should be easy to read and understand. It should not be comprised only of texts but also pictures and drawings to support the understanding.
  • Support the transfer of the technical contents and pond design to the International technical assistant and Field technical assistants that will be in charge of dissemination to DAFO technicians.


  • National or International expert in fish farming, with relevant experience on diagnosis and design of training in smallholder fish farming systems.
  • Ability to work collaboratively and successfully in a multicultural environment and with local communities.
  • Ability to write and speak in English. Lao language is a plus, but translators within the project team can be provided during the field survey and technical training if needed.
  • Working experience in the region.
  • Working experience for rural development projects is an asset.


  • Selected target villages in Huaphan and Oudomxay Provinces for the field diagnosis.
  • Vientiane for the technical transfer to ENUFF team.

Duration: The number of working days to complete the assignment should be included in the consultant proposal.

Start: As soon as possible after the completion of the recruitment process.

Calendar for implementation of the consultancy: A clear calendar for implementation of the consultancy tasks should be included as well in the consultant proposal.

How to apply?

Interested applicants meeting the above requirements should submit their proposal, including curriculum, cover letter, proposed method to complete the assignment, calendar and budget for implementation, before the 27th of March 2020 to Mr. Beunh Sayaphimphone, [email protected]. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.