Sola-Dome Brings New Hope to Thongmung Organic Cooperative

Sola-Dome Brings New Hope to Thongmung Organic Cooperative

The Thongmung Organic Cooperative in Vientiane Capital recently received a welcome boost with the installation of a new sola-dome, a small grant project funded by ALiSEA and implemented by CDEA. This innovative structure utilizes solar power to create a controlled environment for processing agricultural products, a first for cooperatives within the capital city.

Mr. Khampha, a representative involved in the project, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This solar-dome is the first one installed for the cooperative in Vientiane capital, so it will become a center for the processing of the products of the cooperative and Thongmung Village.” He envisions the sola-dome not only enhancing processing efficiency but also fostering knowledge exchange within the community.

Ms. Khammone Luanglat, President of the Thongmung Organic Cooperative, echoed Mr. Khampha’s sentiments. She highlighted the cooperative’s existing “One district one product” certification and emphasized how the sola-dome will expedite product processing. Furthermore, Ms. Luanglat expressed aspirations to utilize the structure as a “center for learning and sharing with other people,” promoting knowledge dissemination and collaboration within the agricultural sector.

The sola-dome’s arrival marks a significant step forward for the Thongmung Organic Cooperative, promising to streamline processing, empower knowledge sharing, and ultimately contribute to the cooperative’s continued success.

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