Photo contest “Picturing agroecology initiatives in the Mekong Region”

Photo contest “Picturing agroecology initiatives in the Mekong Region”

Do you feel that organic agriculture is a key for a sustainable and fair development in the Mekong region? Do you believe that agroecology is a promising approach to protect people’s health and the environment? Do you also admire farmers who are developing innovative agroecology initiatives?

Then, help us to showcase the beauty and the diversity of agroecology initiatives in the Mekong region. Pick one of the many agroecology initiatives implemented by innovative farmers in the region and share with us your best photo from the field. The deadline for submission is the 30th of September 2018.  Your photos must be sent to the email address:

All photos must be related to one of these four thematic categories related to agroecology:  – Agroecology in practices – Youth and Agroecology – Marketing agroecological products – Biodiversity and Agroecology

The 20 best photos will be selected and displayed during the Regional Forum “Agroecology futures”, taking place in Siem Reap, in Cambodia, during the week of the 5th of November 2018. Photographers will benefit from a high visibility during the event.

Out of the 20 photos of the exhibition, 3 will be elected by the participants during the Regional Forum and will receive Cash Prizes. The first photo will win 350$, the second one 250$ and the third one 150$.

A Viral Prize will also be given to the photo the most appreciated on social media and will win 150$.

The Mekong Region at a crossroads: from agricultural intensification to ecological matters

With a fast-growing population, increased pressure on natural resources, and climate change impacts becoming more present every day, the Mekong Region is at a crossroads regarding its agriculture development, calling for an important shift towards an agroecological transition.

Agroecology is a promising movement to inspire young farmers and reverse urban migration. It seeks to:

  • produce diversified and high-quality food
  • reproduce or even improve the ecosystem’s fertility
  • limit the use of non-renewable resources
  • avoid contaminating the environment and people
  • contribute to the fight against global warming

Across the Mekong Region, thousands of innovative farmers have already engaged themselves in an agroecological transition, moving away from conventional and chemical based farming practices.They are developing new and improved practices, building upon both traditional empirical knowledge and scientific research for a better understanding and use of ecological processes operating in farming systems.

The Agroecology Learning Alliance in South East Asia (ALiSEA), coordinated by GRET with the financial support of the French Agency for Development (AFD), is an innovative regional platform that networks all initiatives promoting agroecology nationally and regionally in order to form a strong coalition of stakeholders at different levels from farmer organizations, to national and regional research centers, to the private sector. This coalition aims to feed public policy and advocates the wider dissemination of successful alternative agricultural practices amongst famers.

The four categories of the contest

Photos received will have to address at least one of the following 4 categories of agroecology:

Agroecology in practices

From organic production to integrated farming, passing by conservation agriculture and integrated pest management… Agroecology covers many practices, but all rely on ecological processes dynamics and on the maximization of the use of natural resources. Show how agroecological farmers innovate to produce healthy products for both consumers and the environment through the implementation of specific practices.

Youth and Agroecology

Across the Mekong Region, thousands of young innovative farmers have already engaged themselves in an agroecological transition. Youth is can lead the change for an agricultural shift toward sustainable agriculture in the Mekong region. Let’s give them the visibility they need.

Marketing agroecological products 

Consumer demand for safe and high-quality products is rising in the Mekong region. Let’s see how farmers are developing innovating solutions to meet the consumers through colorful organic markets, marketing, new certification schemes…

Biodiversity and Agroecology

Biodiversity is at the heart of agroecology: the diversity of species benefits to the entire agroecosystem. Agriculture landscapes with rich and diversified fauna and flora are the most resilient, but also the most esthetic ones.

See the Call for submission for more information on photo submission procedure and requirements here