ALiSEA experience sharing workshop: Review of existing pedagogical materials and initiatives for mainstreaming agroecology practices in Laos, June 2017

ALiSEA experience sharing workshop: Review of existing pedagogical materials and initiatives for mainstreaming agroecology practices in Laos, June 2017

This experience sharing workshop was part of the activities implemented by the Agroecology Learning alliance in South East Asia (ALiSEA) to foster multi stakeholder collaborations in regards to promoting an agroecological transition. It was more especially embodied in the support provided to the Faculty of Agriculture from the National University of Laos through the ALiSEA Small Grant Facility to develop new AE pedagogical material. Their project aims at both producing an updated learning and teaching manual for Agroecology with the collaboration of the Departments of Agriculture from three other universities (Souphanouvong, Savannakhet and Champhasak) as well as revising the syllabus for agroecology courses in order to harmonize them at national level.

It brought together 23 participants from Research & Academia (57%) and National and International NGOs / CSOs’ (43 %) actively working on sustainable agriculture / agroecology sector in Laos (see participants list in the full proceedings of the workshop).

This workshop aimed in particular to provide an opportunity for synergizing one another’s activities. This was a great opportunity for the different participants to present and confront the outcomes of their respective projects with other initiatives in Laos and learn from their previous experiences. In addition, it provided the opportunity to the participants to increase communication between the project teams and develop a concrete collaboration.

This one day collective work has been very intense and very fruitful. It has offered room for a lot of experience sharing from Laos (and Cambodia) and pave  the way to a better identification and dissemination of existing pedagogical materials as well as some initial collective actions to improve collaboration between academia and development practitioners.

It was instrumental in initiating a collective and multi stakeholder reflection regarding ways to approach the development of pedagogical materials aiming at mainstreaming agroecology. It was the first of its kind and it is expected that others will follow to furthering the discussion, sharing findings of preliminary pilot testing, experiences and best practices and ultimately promote agroecology transition in the Mekong region.

The following presentations have supported the morning session and can be downloaded through their weblink below:

  • CIRAD-MAF experience in developing AE-CA pedagogical materials in Laos – Pascal Lienhard AE CA Laos_CIRAD MAF_120617
  • Developing materials for learning & extension: The Lao Uplands Sourcebook – Michael Victor ALISEA_Sourcebook  The Sourcebook is available for download in the online library
  • Development of an Agroecology practices guidebook in Lao language – Claire Kieffer Agrisud in Laos – AE learning material
  • LURAS support to technical college in Luang Prabang – Andrew Bartlett

2 illustrative short movies of actions undertaken in the framework of LURAS for mainstreaming AE

The full proceedings of the workshop are available for download in the ALiSEA online library