ALiSEA Internal Policy Dialogue Working Group in Cambodia – 1st Meeting

ALiSEA Internal Policy Dialogue Working Group in Cambodia – 1st Meeting

Date: Friday, 10th December, 2021

Venue: Phnom Penh

Role of the Working Group: to define the strategy, key prioritize and action plan of the ALiSEA Network


Objectives of the working group meeting:

  1. Reviews of ALiSEA networks & operations so far.
  2. Take stock of members and non-members experiences
  3. Present the results of the online questionnaire on policy dialogue
  4. Initial thoughts on ALiSEA network on policy dialogue
  5. Co-develop ALiSEA Network Strategy and Action Plan related to Policy Dialogue

Morning Session

Aims to share current policy initiatives in favor of agroecology and food sustainable transitions and foster experience sharing among ALiSEA members

Participants: ALiSEA members and non-members

Afternoon Session

Aims to foster brainstorming and discussion with members about what are the needs, what is satisfactory, define priorities thematic to be addressed, and position of the network

Participants: only ALiSEA members

  • General Framework & Approach& Results of the online questionnaire
  • Group Discussion with Members
    • What Topics: What are the priorities thematic that ALiSEA Network should address in each country? What are the important public policies on which ALiSEA should take position/work on? What (potential) actors playing a role to realize AE policies?
    • Approach: What needs to be improved to ensure better involvement/participation of CSOs in the process of building public policy mechanism? How to better contribute to policy mechanisms? Any need for advocacy?
  • Group Discussion with Members
    • What concrete activities should be carried out by ALiSEA Working Group on Policy Dialogue? (Action Plan)
    • Working Group Collaboration: frequency of meeting & modalities