ADDA is a Danish NGO that was established in 1994. ADDA is working in Cambodia and Vietnam and Tanzania.

ADDA’s aims

• Improvement of living conditions for the rural population through improved production methods, where the yield can be increased on an environmentally sustainable basis
• Improvement in the degree of self-sufficiency for the poorest groups of the population in South-East Asia
• To follow the principle of ”help to self-help” which is achieved through targeted capacity development of partners such as agricultural colleges and local farmers’ associations

Core interventions of ADDA are: a) building agricultural knowledge of poor farmers to increase income, b) building capacity of NGO partners and local communities, c) strengthening Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and aggregations of CSOs, d) advocacy actions securing rights and influence of rural communities and individuals e) women empowerment and f) sustainable agricultural development.

  • P.O.Box 93233, House# 168, ADDA Road, Salakamraeurk Village/Commune, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia
    Tel: (855-63) 761 827 Fax: (855-63) 761 827