The Association to Support the Development of Peasant Societies or ASDSP was established in order to support small Lao farmers group to successfully integrate the current regionalization from starting, to preserve the nature, the social and the environment, to better manage the competition and to harmonize traditional values of the Lao multi-ethnic society with the new current. To overcome this challenge, ASDSP places human as the center of development, human must have access to the production tools, to education services particularly vocational training that relevant to what they are doing, to health care (dispensaries, hospitals at different levels, pharmacies), to domestic and international markets, to financial services or funding opportunities (village saving funds, micro finance institutions and other specific banks) and to services available for the individual blooming. The human must also make the development with three dimensions in balance: economy, social and environmental

Currently, ASDSP is implementing its projects in Champasak province, Xiengkhouag province and Vientiane Capital.