It was founded by farmers and leaders of agriculture cooperatives in 2016. Firstly it was received technical support from Farmer’s Life Improvement and Future Light Youth Organization (FLIFLY) and second technical support financial support from AsiaDHRRA. AsiaDHRRA is funding Association Sustainable Agriculture Communities project entitled: Improving Farm Production of 250 households Members of ASAC referred to as Project Number AIN# 6340 at with funds from the European Union-IFAD for AgriCord’s Farmers Fighting Poverty (FFP) – Food Security initiatives of farmers’ organizations regional perspective (Asean).

It was register in Ministry of Interior. Secretary of State of Ministry confirmed the approval to chairperson of ASAC about registration of ASAC at the Ministry of Interior. They also allow ASACE to set up head office of ASAC in Kandal province and branch offices in other provinces and run projects there. Issued date November 07, 2016. It is an umbrella agriculture communities/cooperatives which is nonprofit, non-political party and democratic principle without discrimination. ASAC does not involve in any political parties and is not used to support any politicians such as materials, funds or human resources.


Self-reliance agriculture communities and agri-entrepreneurs with education and access to fair markets for our products.

Goals & Objectives

To effectively and efficiently facilitate and support agriculture communities and agri-entrepreneurs in sustainable holistic development activities to reduce poverty and hunger of rural farmers in Cambodia.


ASAC is working the partnership with government, university, private sector international and local NGOs for agriculture extension and strengthen agriculture communities and agri-entrepreneurs as effective instruments for socio-economic development of farmers in Cambodia.

  • National road 1, Kandal Krom village, Banteaydek commune, Keansvay district, Kandal province, Cambodia
    Email: [email protected]
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