AVSF is an officially recognized non-profit association that works for international solidarity and that has been engaged in supporting smallholder farming since 1977. AVSF works for rural development, supporting small scale farmers and herders in developing countries and advocating on their behalf, offering them professional skills on four key areas:

• Improvement of agricultural production and sustainable management of natural resources, promoting agro-ecology, ensuring access to water; securing pastoralism; etc.;

• Development of livestock farming and animal health services, zootechnical advising (on feeding, reproduction, habitat, etc.), and establishing local veterinary services; with special focus on One Health/Eco-Health concepts;

• Insertion and participation of smallholder organizations in local and international markets, structuring smallholder economic organizations into associations, groups, and cooperatives, integrating smallholder organizations into fair trade and high-quality markets; and developing short supply chains and smallholder markets.