Background: Banteay Srei is a Cambodian NGO registered with the Ministry of Interior in June 2000, which work with vulnerable Cambodian women and communities in rural areas to bring about political, economic, and social change. Banteay Srei has become a leading Cambodian NGO in promoting gender equality and women’s rights, and increasing community action on positive gender relations and against Gender‐Based Violence (GBV) in Cambodia. Vision: A just Cambodian society in which women realize their full potential, are living with equality and dignity, and their rights are fully respected. Mission: Banteay Srei is a Cambodian women’s non‐governmental organization that empowers women and their families to improve their political, economic, and psycho‐social situation through mobilizing communities for sustainable development, advocacy work for gender justice and engaging men on gender equality. Goal: Vulnerable women in Banteay Srei’s target areas enjoy their full rights and dignity through exercising gender equality and sustainable development. Objectives: Banteay Srei’s Strategic Plan 2020-2024 outlines these three objectives: 1) Women’s leadership is strengthened to ensure inclusive decision making and advanced gender equality in policy development and implementation at all levels. 2) Vulnerable women and their families live free from violence through changing of social norms and enhancing their economic status in Banteay Srei target communities. 3) Banteay Srei Organziation develops its capacity to deliver better programs for gender equality and sustainable development of vulnerable women.

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