Bayon NGO, officially known as Bayon Education and Development, is a dynamic non-governmental organization based in Cambodia. Established in 2015 and registered with the Ministry of the Interior, Bayon is committed to providing high-quality education to students of all ages, ranging from kindergartners to university-level learners. Utilizing a holistic approach to education, the organization aims to foster well-rounded individuals who can contribute positively to society. Beyond traditional academic programs, Bayon runs two vocational training schools that offer specialized courses in pastry-making and agroecology. The agroecology school focuses on sustainable agricultural practices, promoting a harmonious coexistence between agriculture and the environment.

  • Office: Taphul Road, Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap
    Email: [email protected]
    Tel: (+855) 12 220 189
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