Angkor was inscribed on the list of world Heritage in 1992. To comply with the rule of this organization. APSARA Authority was created in 1995 to be partner with international teams involved in the restoration of the temples. In 2013, the inter-governmental meeting at UNESCO,Paris recommended APSARA Authority to ensure sustainable development in Angkor/SiemReap region. Reason why we had adopted Agricultural sustainable development (0rganic Farming)
Around the world, Organic Farming suffers of low yield crop, our Department had to
improve the yield crop of Organic Farming. For this purpose, since 2004, we had carried out
Agronomic experimentations in the following matters:
1. How to improve the Compost making;
2. How to prepare and to use the beneficial micro organisms;
3. How to use local Green Manure to replace Chemical Fertilizers;
4. How to adapt the new technique for Rice cropping: System of Rice Intensification by natural means (SRI).

  • Angkor/Siem Reap, Cambodia