It was been established by a group of farmer’s children. Mr. Rin Po is the first person who has gathered farmers’ Children to found it. FLIFLY has been founded since October 12, 2005 and prepared little by little. Minister of Interior Ministry confirmed the approval to president of FLIFLY about registration of FLIFLY at the Ministry of Interior. They also allow FLIFLY to set up head office of FLIFLY in Kandal province and branch offices in other provinces and run projects there. Issued date February 20, 2006. FLIFLY registered at National Social Security Fund on Monday, March 28, 2011. Director of National Social Security Fund issued date April 21, 2011. It is an NGO which is nonprofit, non-political party and democratic principle without discrimination. FLIFLY does not involve in any political parties and is not used to support any politicians such as materials, funds or human resources.


Sustainable credit unions, agricultural communities and vocational training centers in Cambodia.

Goals & Objectives

To effectively and efficiently facilitate and support credit unions, sustainable agriculture communities and vocational training centers in sustainable holistic development activities to reduce poverty and hunger of rural farmers in Cambodia.


It works in partnership with universities, companies, international and local NGOs to strengthen and promote credit unions, sustainable agriculture communities and conduct vocational training skills as effective instruments for socio-economic development of farmers in Cambodia.

  • Mr. Rin Po, Executive Director Tel: +85569 882 970, 99 880 990
  • National road 1, Kandal Krom village, Banteaydek commune, Keansvay district, Kandal province, Cambodia
    Email: [email protected]
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