Sustainable Asa Mobilizing Development Association (SAMDA) was born and grown up from the concept of the development worker’s group who were voluntary to support disadvantaged communities especially the rural poor and remote areas in the sector of education, health, agriculture and forestry, natural resources and environment, safe migrant workers and human rights, gender equity, youth promotion and strengthening village authorities in mediation work in line with the laws and rules of the Lao PDR without discrimination of races, ethnicities and gender with the certain target groups in order to strengthen ethnic women, mothers and child , vulnerable communities, youth groups, migrant workers, agri-production groups and village authorities through the promotion of the honourable culture and tradition of the ethnicities to achieve Lao government of the Lao PDR.’s socio-economic development agenda – the millennium development goal (MDG) in particular so as to better improve the living condition of the rural communities.

  • Ban Namkham, Home 4, Houayxai district, Bokeo Province
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    Tel: (+856-30) 5 322 368